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Judas Priest: online alcuni frammenti del nuovo singolo "Spectre"

Judas Priest: online alcuni frammenti del nuovo singolo

I Judas Priest hanno pubblicato uno spezzone del nuovo singolo "Spectre", che anticipa l'uscita dell'album "Powerfire" prevista per il mese di marzo. [Leggi tutto..]

Liam Gallagher: "Bono e Noel sono dei segaioli"

Liam Gallagher:

Liam Gallagher, in un'intervista senza filtri per una testata australiana, ha detto chiaramente: "Bono e Noel sono dei segaioli". [Leggi tutto..]

Cranberries: è morta la cantante Dolores O'Riordan

Cranberries: è morta la cantante Dolores O'Riordan

Dolores O'Riordan, voce dei Cranberries, è deceduta improvvisamente a Londra. Aveva solo 46 anni. Ancora non si conoscono le cause della morte. [Leggi tutto..]

Motorhead: scomparso Eddie Clarke, ultimo superstite della band originale

Motorhead: scomparso Eddie Clarke, ultimo superstite della band originale

Eddie Clarke, l'ultimo membro della formazione storica dei Motorhead, è deceduto a Londra a 67 anni. Era soprannominato "Fast" per la velocità di esecuzione dei riff di chitarra. [Leggi tutto..]

Lana Del Rey: accuse di plagio dai Radiohead

Lana Del Rey: accuse di plagio dai Radiohead

Lana Del Rey nei guai: i Radiohead la accusano plagio. La sua "Get Free", contenuta nell'ultimo album "Lust For Life", sarebbe molto simile, se non identica, alla più celebre "Creep". [Leggi tutto..]

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"Most beings spring from other individuals; but there is a certain kind which reproduces itself. The Assyrians call it the Phoenix". - Roman Poet OVID Born in 1981 and very proud of her African roots, independent (unsigned) artist La Phoenix (the phoenix) is a new artist launching her music career with her first single "FOREVER STARTS TONIGHT" out in July and her EP Album "SONO A LECCE" to follow in August. Her love for music is inherited from her dad who she says, always had music playing in the family home from as early as she can remember. La Phoenix has been writing since she was 13yrs old and has over the years written poetry and novels which remain unpublished. She began song writing 3yrs ago and describes her music as "Deep Soul". This infact refers to her voice which she likes to call "old skool". Her style of music varies; she loves everything from soul to country music, orchestral music to old hip pop, Italian ballads to bollywood music, R&B to electric guitar laden rock songs and the list continues.. The summer before she turned 18, La Phoenix made her first trip to Italy and she completely fell in love with the country. In the past few years she's come to love the country, it's region and it's people; this has influenced her music greatly. On tracks like BELLA ITALIA, SONO A LECCE, ESCAPE TO SICILY, GIANFRANCO, FOREVER STARTS TONIGHT and IL MIO PRINCIPE ITALIANO, we hear her praise the country, it's cities and the Italian people. On other tracks like THAT GIRL, SHE DON'T LOVE YOU, WOMAN CRY NO MORE, GOOD WOMAN and POETIC JUSTICE, we hear the real essence of soul in her voice while tracks like BAD GIRL, AFRICAN QUEEN, MISS PHOENIX and SLAVE get you heading for the dance floor. Tracks like FORSAKEN, GREAT ESCAPE, LOVE BREAK ME, HEAVENS RAINBOW and YOU MUST LOVE ME expose the fragility of a heart in love. The track that however makes the most impact, is COLD WORLD; a song that is sure to draw out raw emotion from it's listeners. La Phoenix's music style runs across various genres: R&B, Jazz, Soul, Dance, Easy Listening. Her versatility sees her attempting other genres, apart from those mentioned. This is an artist to watch in 2011. "Good music has the power to heal wounds and erase scars" - La Phoenix FIRE BIRD: THE BIOGRAPHY 17 YEAR POETRY COLLECTION. 76 NEW SONGS WRITTEN. 1 COVER SONG RE-WORKED. 4 GENRES OF MUSIC. 4 ALBUMS. THE SINGLES. INSPIRED FANS. 1 ARTIST. "WE BECOME THE MUSIC"

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