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Biografia di Marcella & The Forget Me Nots

She is every inch the femme fatale, leading her epic rock'n'roll orchestra ? a love triangle between Nick Cave, Roxy Music and The Dresden Dolls - with fierce precision. Who is this tantalising figure? She is Marcella Puppini, and with her dark and decadent band, the Forget Me Nots, she is staking a place for herself at the heart of the alternative music scene. Marcella and the Forget Me Nots are about to take the world by storm with the release of their first studio album, Born Beautiful, which will be available in mid-September. Already hailed by Vogue Italia as an "unstoppable" force, Marcella is one of those rare artists who experiment with eclectic influence to arrive at a sound all of their own. Marcella first found recognition as the founder of the Puppini Sisters, the close-harmony trio cherished around the world for their ability to take a song, any song, and imbue it with the charm, poise and swing of 1940s pop. But this is another Marcella Puppini ? an altogether darker proposition. This Marcella sings of monstrous movie starlets, of dirty old men flashing at teenage girls, and of manifestations of the devil in the Italian countryside. This Marcella leads a six-piece rock'n'roll orchestra, the Forget Me Nots, whose members are every bit as dazzling as their frontwoman. Most importantly, this Marcella isn?t content to channel other people's songs. Every word she sings, every not the band play, she has written herself. The two Marcellas seem so unlike, they might be different people. But this is typical of Marcella's ability to metamorphose, her quest for self-reinvention. It started when she abandoned an idyllic existence in Bologna, Italy, for London and the notoriously fraught life of a fashion student at Central St Martins School of Art. In Italy, she was a lady cultured in the classics: ancient Greek, Latin, the history of art. In London, she transformed herself into a doyenne of modern punk, graduating from her degree course to a place in Vivienne Westwood's production team. But deep down, what Marcella really wanted to be was a singer. She sang throughout her teens: in covers bands, in madrigal choirs, in an all-girl punk outfit called Dead Sex Kitten. And after two years with Vivienne Westwood, Marcella knew it was time to shed another skin. She turned her back on fashion and embarked on a new degree, in jazz performance and composition at Trinity College of Music, which led to a successful stint as a jazz singer. It was during this time that Marcella encountered the new burlesque scene, the alternative performance artists transforming cabaret for the 21st century. Here was the catalyst for another reinvention. Marcella began collaborating with similarly strong-willed and provocative female artists and entrepreneurs, including Marisa Carnesky and the Whoopee Club, for whom she became the in-house songwriter and musical director. And, enlisting two singers from Trinity, she formed the Puppini Sisters, a tongue-in-cheek trio modelled on the Andrews Sisters, who dressed in meticulous vintage outfits and sang modern pop ? anything from Beyonce's Crazy in Love to, their piece de resistance, Kate Bush's Wuthering Heights ? in a gorgeously fluid, exquisitely harmonised style. The Puppini Sisters almost pinned Marcella down. The trio became dizzyingly popular, earning a gold disc for their debut album and performing around the globe. But at the height of this success, Marcella began plotting her next, most challenging, reinvention. Something decadent, extravagant, fierce. Something redolent of cabaret ? not the insipid anathema that commercialised modern cabaret has become, but the sexy and volatile cabaret of Weimar Berlin. Something that would allow her to explore the diversity of her musical inspirations: from 1970s art-rock to opera, from Punk to Klaus Nomi, Nick Cave to Amanda Palmer. Above all, something totally, unflinchingly personal. And so Marcella and the Forget Me Nots was born. > Member Since: October 10, 2007 Members: Marcella Puppini - Voice, Songwriting, Piano, Keyboard Ping Lee - Guitar Pato Vidal - Bass Amy Kelly - Drums Kati Lawrence - Clarinets Geri Mc Ewan - Violin Wei Wei Fraser - Viola Maral Mohammadi - Cello

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